Upload Files

File Manager

File Downloads

File Downloads

Admin area

  • Interactive bulk import tool.
  • Separate dedicated admin area.
  • Dashboard detailing downloads and active files.
  • Search files.
  • Disable files.
  • Support for multiple languages. Automatic language translation via Google Translation API. Note: This may incur additional charges for using their API.
  • Manage users and filter by user files.
  • Manage blocked IPs.
  • Manage site settings.
  • Set and manage file servers.
  • Configure to use specific file server or the one with most space.
  • Set template.
  • Amend account expiry date.
  • Set user account settings:
    • Days to keep inactive files.
    • Maximum upload filesize.
    • Option to set the filename on the download url.
    • Set the logo, extra css and site skin.
    • Option to block the same file from being re-uploaded. Optional on file remove and automatic after removal on abuse reports.
    • Login as, admin users can login as any other user account.
    • Admin can back up the database and codebase. Functionality also built in preparation for automatic upgrades at a later date.